Thursday, May 27, 2010

Santa Cruz--a bigger and busier Galapagos

After an early breakfast and boat ride, we arrived in Santa Cruz. Wasn't quite sure what to expect, but found it to be a bigger place then San Cristobal that feels much more like a city.

We hit the ground running today. From the boat, we jumped straight into a cab to make our first interview with Fernando Ortiz of Conservation International. After speaking with so many fisherman on San Cristobal we were excited to start hearing other perspectives. Ortiz worked for the National Parks during the 2004 protests and was attacked by a mob of angry fisherman.

I noticed at the interview that our group is really getting a system down. We know who's on sound, how to set up people behind the camera so that subjects look more directly into the lens and are watching out for sound levels, good lighting, and the many hundreds of other tiny considerations that go into shooting a good interview. We've tightened our questions so that they are a mix of broad searching queries and more specific details. We're also trying to constantly ask ourselves where and how does policy meet science meet communication.

We also stopped by the Sea Shepherd's office and confirmed that we have an interview tomorrow! This perspective is an exciting one to get because it is a more extreme conservation viewpoint.

More to come soon,

-Marea Media

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