Thursday, May 27, 2010

Iguanitas Del Sol: Recycling Recap

Yesterday we visited the San Cristobal Recycling Center. As we are studying and comparing the various islands recycling and waste management systems, this was our first major event in the construction of our piece. We woke up early to prepare, prep sound and practice filming by filming any trash build up out front of our bed and breakfast on the beach. After a meeting at lunch, we chanced upon an excellent filming opportunity. We got to see the loading of empty beer and water bottles onto a ship that would carry these reusable glasses back to Guayaquil to be refilled. We snagged a quick interview with a local explaining this process.

After this, we were more than ready and practiced for the shoot at the recycling center. We talked to two of the workers about the processes and were given a tour of the plant. We came out with a plethora of great shots and even a sound recording of the noisy flies over the compost piles. We were surprised to learn that the recycling center itself removes invasive species on their property, replacing it with endemic ones, using their own compost as fertilizer.

Pleased with our appointments, we began today on a glass bottom boat in search of trash in the water. We mainly found that the harbors of Bequerizo were very clean, and that there was very little trash in the water. As we didn’t find much trash, we snorkeled at a wrecked boat, observing sea turtles along the way.

Tomorrow we are headed to Santa Cruz bright and early. We have our next appointment on the 20th, at the Fabricio Valverde Recycling Center in Puerto Villamil. Between now and then we hope to continue practicing with our equipment, and taking footage of humans and animals interacting with the environment.

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