Thursday, May 27, 2010

Iguanitas Del Sol Blog 3

Over these past days, we have noticed that a great majority of trash that we see in the water, on beaches, streets, etc. is made up of single use containers. We even saw flamingos feeding in close
proximities to rusty Pilsener (the local beer) cans.
Single use containers are the types of containers that we learned in our Santa Cruz interview are outlawed to be imported from Guayaquil to Santa Cruz. Isabela and San Cristobal allow the import of these items. In fact San Cristobal just recently changed the law so that these items
are allowed. While we don't find the amount of litter about the islands extremely high, with the prohibition of single use containers, the cleanliness of the islands would be stunning and a perfect example of an impressive waste management program. We would like to focus a
portion of our project on the potential that this Santa Cruz law has for the islands, by prohibiting the import of cans and plastic bottles.

Tonight we have an interview set up with the Director of the Environmental Department on Isabela. As the island does not yet have a recycling center, we will be discussing the efforts of starting one here on the island. The Director is hoping to start one within the next year.

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