Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Fishermen of San Cristobal

Yesterday, we met with Carlos Delgado, the President of the San Cristobal fishing cooperative. We first interviewed him on the pier here on Wreck Bay with an incredible backdrop of the busy fishing harbor. We then discovered that we might have lost all the video and audio from that interview. Kind of disappointing to say the least. Carlos was very sympathetic though and gave us another interview at his shop and temporary home. It was very interesting to see the wordings of his answers change between the two interviews. Whether it was because Lucas was interviewing the first time and Ximena the second time or because he had time to reconsider his answers is unknown, but he was a pleasure to work with.

This morning we were up before sunrise to go out with a fisherman from here in San Cristobal while we did his morning run. We didn't catch any fish but we did catch some great, impassioned dialogue with him.

So far, the adventure is fantastic and has been a daily reminder of why protecting our environment, and this place in particular, is so vitally important. More on Thursday! Ciao!

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